Our Story & Vision

We were raised watching our family’s professional devotion and dedication to a career that consists of maximizing and making the most of an ingredient that humanity is familiar with since our early days on earth: Wheat.

Nearly two decades of work, studies, discipline, research and development, trialing, and errors have enabled our family to offer people the reassurance that they are consuming the freshest and finest Italian Pasta and Sauces.

Apart from an experienced and passionate production team, Emporio Della Pasta sets itself apart from other pasta makers due to our unique product offering, distinctive quality and remarkable flavor which can only be achieved through carefully selected ingredients and adequate processes.
Values which are extinct from our competitors due to their large overheads and profit chasing culture.

Emporio Della Pasta is committed to never losing its essence of offering the public a true artisanal and unique fresh Pasta and Sauces.

Like a love story with a happy ending, our story has now reached a higher stage. The perfect combination of professional experience, knowledge, friendship and and extraordinary ambition to produce the best product, raw materials and ingredients in order to satisfy the most sophisticated palates.

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